Monday, June 23, 2008

30 hours a day

This few weeks very busy.
SO less type blog le.
Actually a lot a lot thing wan type de but no time T.T
july got test
need apply uni
need confirm air tix
need go the immigration centre
need find and buy japan high school book
everyday morning 8 am go school till evening 7pm reach home
need summarize 20 page of data into 1 page for presentation
need iron a mountain of clothes
need do hw
need study lol
finally need sleep
if and only if 1 day have 30 hour......


Kia Fu said...

need to up level
need to kap lui

bestluck said...

when are u coming bek?

housefly said...

need to buy jie jie nice present
y iron clothes, no time then no need la, i sometime jiao jiao oso wear if no time. after u dry it in the machine, cepat flatten it then should be that jiao.
jia you la, easy time soon. uni life oso that bz wor.
papa vvv bz lately too,work eat sleep work eat sleep, nth else
i oso v bz eat sleep eat sleep nth else
so when u coming back?popo ask ee hern got claa back boh?

Haunter said...

hp no money liao
wait i syok i go reload hahaha