Monday, June 9, 2008



housefly said...

wat is Ping

Kia Fu said...

hell dont lansi your internet speed i now back to bm liao

Bestluck said...

si LEH
dun show off
i now at melaka de apartment
the connection damn slow
msn cant sign in
i am jealous

Haunter said...

don tipu i everyday see u online at msn LOL

Bestluck said...

where gt?tat ppl nt me lar
since 7/6 i cant sign in msn le..
gt oso i go there sign in..
i cannot tahan le..
slow internet speed..
cant play game..
then my skol all system computerise le..
i wan streamyx o celcom..
nex week start skol i nid to download note from skol website..i hate tis apartment..

housefly said...

oi blog bro