Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last Friday night,
I was lapping my bicycle back home
after the weekly badminton session.
It was a dark and cold night.

I was wearing dark blue jeans, black jacket, black sport shoe and a black cap.
I just bought the cap the other day,
seeking for some style changing.
Actually my hair getting longer and longer.
Lazy go cut + lazy tidy hair,
Best way=juz put on a cap wat hell also cannot see oledi
It was like 2 degree and I am just in one T-shirt+jacket lol.
Maybe i hv skin cancer?
Cold recepter all not functioning.

When I was turning at a corner,
A policeman stopped me,
He waved his torch light at me,
ordering me to stop by the road side.
I was like,
WTF, why me?? Shyt! Shyt! wat to do wat to do

He requested me to show him my ID card,
And he checked my bicycle number.

*Yes, japan bicycle have number plates(actually is sticker),
They will check does the bicycle belongs to me or not.

He asked me hell lots of questions,
like, wats ur occupation,
wher ur school,
wher u live
how long u in japan etc. etc
While he ask me questions,
he keeps saying, i am sorry i am sorry.
If really so sorry juz let me go lor =.=

He even asked me if I bring anything dangerous in my bag.
He requested me to open my bag and show him all the things inside.

Finally , he confirmed that I am juz a normal human and let me go.
Maybe my new style looks like bad people until the police want to stop me.
Especially wearing like that at night.


P.S. Actually I didn’t put on my bicycle light, tats y the police stop me >.<


housefly said...

ah hia, for heavens sake la u chui xi is it. bikers here wear glow in the dark neon yellow safety vest when they cycle at nite loh.

not v safe la

and ha i see some lazy pig too lazy to shave, or stubbles in vogue?;p

nice cap^^stop wearing black!!1 cool macho boys wear PINK

missscavy said...

u did crime?