Sunday, April 12, 2009


Since last Monday,
I had been going to my university for all the orientations.
Everyday I will need hear speech and guidances by ppls from the uni.
The ppl giving the speech is very pro.
2 minutes speak 1000 words for 1 hour non stop.
I think the Japanese also don’t know what the hell are the ppls talking about.
Then last Thursday was the enter-school-ceremony
It was held outside of the school,
somewhere which looks like a visiting spot.

The place is covered by water, maybe its a castle long time ago?
Sakura Tree is planted along the slope of the island(?)
There are approximately 5000 new students this year.
School starts on Friday.
It seems like I am going to be very busy.
I joined the dancing club in the university.
Its called Aquarius.
I think the name comes from a isotonic drink brand.


Anonymous said...

para para sakura~~

Me said...

ur uni is sooooooooo beautiful~
hey bro how r u thr??
coming back anytime soon??
Miss y sooooooo much la~

Haunter said...

x.x its held outside the school,
tats not my school haha

erm maybe back at august lo
bt if activity then maybe no go bk

S. Chrissie said...

Wow.the scenery is great!

What dances will you be learning in the dance club?? Sounds pretty fun