Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Long time no update liao
Not I dunwan update,
Is I cant update.
Yes, is chopped, not cut.
I will never forget this experience.

It was Friday, May 17th.
Class starts from 850 and ends at 1740.
So it was a tiring day.
Then I was home and preparing my dinner.
My kitchen table was small so I was holding the cabbage in my hand(stupid decision)
Wanna cut the cabbage into smaller piece,
But the batang in the middle so keras,

Kena my left hand index finger
Blood flow like pipe water into the sink.
Some split onto the white wall and some onto the floor.
Peak on my finger and realize it was a deep cut.
Cut in 45 degree
See from front 50% kena chop.
Cham liao dunno wat to do.
No ppl can help or save me.
Find hospital from internet and call also the doctor say he close liao not in hospital
Somemore outside rain.
Only thing can do is sit there and wait the blood to stop.
For about 1 hour I knelt down in front of the sink and watch the blood drop n drop into the sink
And finally the blood stopped a little.
I dunno anything about first aid,
So I juz let my let my wound clot itself.

When wan sleep,
I use a belt n tie my hand on a chair beside my bed and sleep.
So I wont accidently crush my finger when I sleep.
Haha I think I am a genius =x

Then the next day is Saturday,
I went to the school clinic
Call the aunty there help me see,
I think she dunno mia,
Luan luan clean luan luan bandage
She say my cut nothing de, 1-2 week can cure liao.
So I also happy lor.

My finger kena bandage till kao kao,
Finger cannot curve also lol
Then tat time I think y not cut at middle finger,
Then it will be very fun, hahahahahaha
Then Monday I go see school clinic again,
This time different ppl,
This time the people tell me my cut very serius,
Not normal cut coz my nerve is also damaged.
And nerve damage takes a long time to cure,
Need 1-2 years to cure complete.
WALAO E!!! 1-2 YEARS!!!!

Human finger contains of 2 nerves located at left and right side of finger.
Me chopped from right side so now left side hv feeling but right side is numb.
And if I touch the part where my nerve putus,
Will feel very syok until wan jump.

First 2 weeks,
not only I cant move my index finger,
Move other finger of left hand also my wound hurts.
So mainly my left hand is useless.
Somemore need attend physic experiment class.
Team member all do this do that.
I juz stand there and see nia.

Habis liao my university life.
Last Sunday is dancing club meeting,
Only can do toprock mia exercise nia, very hell lol.

Self cooking is fun and money saving but
Please becareful and don’t be like me T.T

!st week of university already 见红.
Maybe this means I will 旺???

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